Taxes - VAT

For private individuals, self-employed and micro-companies

• Tax return (Geneva & Vaud, quasi residents)
• VAT statements
• Deadlines extension
• Correspondence with fiscal authorities

Taxes at your place

• Visit to your home or your office (Mondays through Sundays, 8:00/21:00)
• Take in hands, study of your personal situation
• Precise count of possible deductions
• Banks, real estates, debts, ...
• Tax return and related proofs are sent back "ready to sign and send"
• Complete personal archive file 
• If necessary, inquiries and procurement
• Amendment of current year provisional installment, if necessary
• Status of current fiscal debt
• Comparison with previous years, if wished


The base price (150.-)  includes: the first meeting, copies & tax return printing, eventual phone calls & faxes, sending back of all your documents with priority post-mail, and the first working hour for the processing of your tax return. 
Depending on the complexity of your situation, and/or the volume of documents to handle,  one hour might not be sufficient – should this be the case, overtime is billed at hourly rate  (120.-/h)

Exerpt from an article published in January 2010, in l’Hebdo